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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Tool Review - Photo Organization with Picasa

If you are like me, you have embraced digital photography and now have loads of photos on your PC and no idea where everything is. Enter Picasa - a free photo organization tool from Google.

Once you have downloaded Picasa, it scans your computer, finds and organizes your photos in folders by date. It does this everytime you open the software. You can then drag and drop photos into folders and make custom albums. Other things you can do include photo touch ups and lighting enhancements. It has a cool collage feature, too.

My favorite feature has to be the composite page. It is the ultimate organizational tool. Print composite pages of each of your favorite folders, slip them into a 3-ring binder, and you will be able to find your favorite pictures quickly.

Of course, you can also email photos straight out of Picasa, make a slide show and even create a gift CD. Give it a spin! You'll love it!


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