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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting Images for a Song

View My PortfolioAnyone who has designed a web or print piece can tell you that getting the right art can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor, especially if you plan on being legit about it (which we all should be).

I recently discovered two web sites that offer royalty-free, stock images, illustrations and web elements for very reasonable prices. Gone are the days of $199 images for use on the web.

iStockPhoto.com - All images and illustrations run from $1-$10 each. You purchase credits in $1 increments through PayPal. When you download an image, the appropriate number of credits is deducted from your account. So far I have been very impressed by the wide range of graphics available!

Fotolia.com - Fotolia works a lot like iStockPhoto, but the images are $1-$3 each. You can buy or sell images and there is a great selection with powerful search capability.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great advice to send along to other designers and freelancers just starting out.

Typically stock photos are sold at a price based on the type of print material, how many pieces will be printed, what area of the layout will the photo be presented (cover, inside, back, etc.), and the duration of the photo's usage. This can put a huge dent in the designer's pocket, as most clients are not willing to spend that much for the design in the first place.

I've been using www.istockphoto.com for almost a year now, and am so happy it exists, otherwise I would have to take out a second mortgage :)

9:01 AM


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