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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What are Chicklets?

I am not talking about the gum we chewed as kids or baby chickens, but the little buttons that are showing up all over the place that say XML, FEED, RSS, or show the "universal" RSS feed symbol.

By creating an RSS feed, web and blog publishers are giving users a new way to "subscribe" to a site's content. Feed Reader software has been created as a means of managing all of a user's favorite feeds. (free programs include NewsGator, Feedreader and others)

Chicklets are just little graphical buttons that allow users who have Feed Readers to quickly subscribe to the site by dragging the chicklet to their Feed Reader software. From the Feed Reader software, a subscriber can check on what is new at all the favorite sites at once rather than by visiting each site individually.

For more information on RSS feeds, visit my personal favorite - FeedBurner.


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