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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Web Site Audit - How Easily Can Your Visitors Contact You?

Go to your favorite web site - how fast can you find a way to contact that web site's owner? If it is a business with a physical location, how fast can you find a phone number or location?

Chances are, unless you are running an online store, the one thing you want your web site to do is make a call for action. You want potential clients to contact you about your product or service. How can they give you business if they can't reach you? Try some of these tactics:

  • Place an email link, phone number and/or physical address in the footer of each page of your site.
  • Place your phone number prominently in the header of your site.
  • Place your phone number or location (city, state) in the title meta tag.
  • Create a Contact Us page with your physical address, phone numbers, email information and directions to your business (where applicable).
  • Steer away from using user filled out forms as the only means of contact. Why should visitors give you information when you aren't willing to give them any?
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Blogger Dale L. Edwards said...

I'm very new to blogging, and I was wondering what a meta tag, or whatever that tag is called. I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes, and no way to go back and look at it again. I've got to remember to writing that kind of thing down.

Sorry, I do have a tendency to go on.

Very interesting blog, full of a lot of good information.


8:07 PM

Blogger Char said...

Try my blog entry called A Meta What?
Hopefully that will explain it better.

8:14 PM


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