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Monday, August 07, 2006

Terminology - Four New Buzzwords

Keeping up with the latest web trends is like anything else - exhausting! With web trends you have to learn a new language, too! Here are four new buzz words in the web world - their definitions are not exactly what you might think.
  • AJAX - Not the cleaner, but an acronym for Asynchronous Java Script and XML. This buzzword is used to describe a technique used by programmers for creating interactive web applications by using a combination of programming technologies. Learn more
  • ATOM - Not exactly a scientific term in the traditional sense, Atom is a new standard for programmers and a format for syndicating blogs. People use this syndication format to check their favorite blog sites using Feed readers. Learn more
  • Python - Python is a powerful open source programming language that runs equally well on a variety of platforms from your standard Windows to Mac and many portable device platforms. One of its plusses is its quick learning curve thanks to its dynamic object oriented base and many library objects. Learn more
  • Ruby on Rails - I just love the name of this one! It sounds cool. Ruby on Rails is another open source full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications. All you need is a database and a server. Learn more

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