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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Viral Marketing - YouTube.com

I have been watching with great fascination as the phenomenon created by YouTube.com continues to grow. YouTube is a video sharing site that allows anyone to watch and upload videos to the web. It began in February 2005 out of the frustrations of two friends who were trying to share video footage of a dinner event that had been at. The files were too big for email and while there were plenty of photo sharing sites out there, there wasn't a means for sharing their videos. Not even 18 months later, YouTube has become an entertainment destination for viewers of all ages looking for humor, music videos, off the wall entertainment and everything in between.

It has made instant stars out of average individuals - my favorite being The Evolution of Dance (see below), which has been viewed 30,638,535 times since its launch 4 months ago - amazing! It has captured the attention of traditional media outlets like NBC and ABC. ABC's Good Morning America is making YouTube videos a regular Wednesday morning event. Politicians are getting into the act, posting campaign videos on YouTube. Budding musicians, actors, and artists are using YouTube as an inexpensive way to get their talents (and lack there of) out to the masses. More and more businesses are looking to the phenomenon as a way to promote their goods/services via video.

With over 70 million videos watched each day, one can only imagine what the possibilities are.

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Anonymous Tammy Ames said...

Char ~ Great post and I liked knowing more about how Youtube started. I've been watching the amazing viral nature of this site PLUS finding stories of success because of a cool video that people literally passed around - like the Evolution of Dance which the teenagers in my house said "oh, yea - I've already seen it" ;-) Tammy

11:26 AM


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