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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cool Tool Review - Comment Trackers

While navigating the Blogosphere, I often take a moment to leave a comment when I find a post I really like or find interesting. The problem is that I forget where I've been. I need some virtual breadcrumbs - Hansel and Gretl style.

While checking in on one of my new favorite blogs - BusinessBlogwire, I read the interview done by BolderBlogs on increasing your blog traffic. In the interview, Easton mentions comment tracking sites that he uses to keep track of his comments that he has left along the way. AHA - there are my virtual breadcrumbs!!

I have already signed up for and tested out coComment. Very cool. It keeps track of my comments in an easy to use format. There is also co.mments, not as pretty, but definitely functional. Another option is Commentful. Commentful looks like it is a great match if you use Firefox, as it blinks when follow-up comments are made.

With any tool, everyone has a favorite and different features appeal to different people. Which one do you use and what is your favorite?


Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

Thanks for the mention, Char. I should mention that I use Firefox, which works seamlessly with all three of the tools you mentioned above. I don't know much about how they might work with IE, but I do know that coComment is much easier to use with Firefox. At any rate, please do test those tools and let me know what you think of 'em. coCo is my favorite by far, but the other two are good as well.

8:03 PM


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