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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Week Without the Web

Nothing like a vacation to a broadband-less place to break one of a near-addiction to the Web! We went to the south coast of Ireland for a week to help my Grandparents celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary along with four generations of our family. It was a spectacular, once in a lifetime experience.

When I logged off a week ago I was a bit nervous. What would I do without my daily dose of Cyberspace? I wouldn't be able to check my email, blogs, favorite forums, run my business or check my bank balance. Guess what? I survived!

I caught up on some reading including and article with great insights on the viability of sites like YouTube, Flickr, Blogger and such. I did lots of crossword puzzles, too. I visited with family, took in the sites, played with the kids, did some shopping, and reflected on the importance of family history.

On the way home on the plane (while in a one hour holding pattern above the US), I was able to think more clearly and creatively about my business, my blogs, my goals and next steps. I grabbed an old fashioned notebook and a pen and brainstormed.

Now the suitcases are waiting in the kitchen to be unpacked, the kids are in bed, hubby is catching up on the football he missed, and I am unwinding with a cup of tea and my dear "friend" the Web.


Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

I know the feeling - I once spent several months without the Web. Great description of what it's like - both pros and cons.

11:17 AM


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